Your Pet’s Travel Agent


Specializing in Premier Pet Immigration and Customs Clearance Procedures

Shipping or traveling with pets to most international destinations can be very complicated. Airlines have rules and each country has unique health and travel requirements and regulations for pet importing or exporting. Often times these destinations require permits and special protocols regarding health certificates to be completed correctly and in accordance to timelines. Most of these documents require veterinarian exams, procedures, and endorsed documents. In addition, many airlines now require that reservations be made my an approved professional pet shipper.

The Caribbean Pet recommends Life Unleashed Pet Movers as experts in the field of pet shipping and helping get paws to paradise. As you plan your arrival into the Caribbean, Life Unleashed can assist you in the application process for your pet to enter an island.

They offer the following services:

  • Full Service Pet Immigration
  • Completing The Documentation and Permit Application Form on behalf of your pet
  • Submission of the Application to The Ministry
  • Follow Up on the application process to ensure a timely return

Their fees will depend on the number of pets they are filing for and whether the process will need to be expedited. You can learn more about the company and its pet related travel services by visiting