Pet Travel to St. Barthelemy


  • Your pet must have a working microchip (also called a “transponder”) before getting its rabies vaccination for travel to the EU, and your veterinarian must always scan the microchip before giving your pet a rabies vaccination.
  • If your pet does not yet have a microchip or has a microchip that doesn’t work, ask your veterinarian to implant an ISO-compliant* microchip.
  • If your pet has a working microchip, but it is not ISO compliant,* you will need to travel with your own scanner that can read the microchip OR have a second microchip implanted that is ISO compliant.* Make sure both microchips are listed on the health certificate!

*ISO-compliant microchip numbers are usually 15 digits long and meet specific international standards (ISO 11784 and ISO 11785). You can check ISO-compliance with the microchip manufacturer.


Vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies, and this between 21 days and a year before the date of the trip (knowing that those of less than three months cannot travel).
Treat dogs and cats with pest control.

Plan to obtain a health certificate within 5 days of your departure.

Make sure to have copies of all medical documentation and vaccinations with you.

If you arrive at Juliana Airport (Sint Maarten)

All animals entering Dutch territory at Sint Maarten must be in possession of the “APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO IMPORT ANIMALS” form duly completed and validated by the authorities in charge.

This document must be filled in by yourself and then sent by email to the address:

You will then receive a response by email with the approval of the responsible authorities.
No additional cost is due, all airlines in the territory are subject to this rule.
In the absence of this document, or if it has not been validated before entering the territory, the animals will be quarantined or turned back.
Please note that the certificate is valid for 1 month from the date of issue.

Please make your arrangements as soon as possible to avoid any problems in the event of a last minute departure.