• Language: English
  • Temperature: Average 80°F year-round
  • Square Miles: 35 Approx.
  • Population: 11,500

ABOUT: Anguilla (Spanish for eel) is a small British territory that is located in the Leeward Islands chain. There is no airport so most ferries from St. Martin which is just 20 minutes away brings most of the visitors.

Most vegetation consists of low scrubs on the fairly dry land because there is little fertile topsoil to support crops. Salt, mined from saline ponds, once made Anguilla famous; but today, tourism helps the island to thrive. Historically, Anguilla produced sailors, fishermen, and boatbuilders.

Scuba divers are drawn to the site of the 1772 Spanish galleon wreck El Buen Consejo. Visitors can enjoy swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery. Sailing is Anguilla’s national sport, and deep-sea fishing is also popular. On land, there are approximately 136 bird species.