Airline Pet Policies

When selecting an airline you want to find one that has the most direct route to your destination. A non-stop flight is most optimal. You then need to research their pet policies. Will the airline allow your dog or cat to fly in the cabin with you? What are the restrictions? Will your pet need to travel as cargo?

If you have a restricted breed, or prefer not to have your pet fly as cargo, another option is by private charter. Although this is more expensive than commercial airlines, pets will fly in the cabin alongside their pet guardians regardless of their size.

When flying on a commercial airline, pets fly in the following ways:

Service/Comfort Animals – Service and Emotional Animals can travel in the cabin with a disabled passenger on many airlines. Additional documentation and proof of service is required.

Checked Baggage – Cabin Pets traveling in the cabin must fly with an adult passenger and travel in an airline compliant carrier that fits underneath the seat.

Checked Baggage Cargo – Pets traveling with a passenger that are not permitted in the cabin can be transported as checked baggage in the cargo hold.

Manifest Cargo – Unaccompanied pets or very large animals that will travel as manifest cargo in the hold.


Below is a list of the most popular airlines that provide service to the Caribbean Islands

Click on one of the airlines for more information on the airline’s individual pet policies:

Air Canada

American Airlines


Bahamas Air

British Airways

Cape Air

Caribbean Airlines

Cayman Airways


Fly Montserrat

Jet Blue