Private Boat / Port of Entry

When traveling by private boat with your pet into Caribbean ports, your pet must meet each island’s documentation requirements. Depending on your destination, you may be required to have an import permit issued in advance. Your pet should be microchipped and make sure to have your pet’s records with you and vaccinations current. Many islands remain rabies free and are vigilant in keeping them that way. It is important to note that each island has designated ports in which you can arrive. In some cases your pet may be able to receive an exemption if the pet is to remain on board at all times. However, this must be arranged for well in advance of your arrival. You would need to contact the island’s Chief Veterinarian Officer.

There is very specific criteria for entering an island and will need to fly the correct flag. Some boats opt to hire yacht service providers. These companies are able to assist you with the open ports and clearance. Another great resource for travel by sea and service is to refer to the Superyacht Services Guide.

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